Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Tisket A Tasket...

...another little basket.

These little baskets are addicting...and flexible! I started with this tutorial, and though I have made quite a few to the directions - this basket is very scrap friendly, but if your scraps are anything like mine -they don't always conform to the dimensions of the pattern.

This time around I needed a little basket to match a criss-cross coaster I had already made, and had very little coordinating fabrics left to use. So I decided to forgo the concept of a patchwork top to the basket, and just use what I had left to make up the overall outside pieces of the basket.

Then I decided to use it as a practice for some free motion quilting with Zoe.

Then - since I could - I decided to cut the lining a bit bigger a la Lazy Girl's Miranda and give it a little bit of a peek-a-boo for some interest. Joan's great pattern also gave me the know-how to put the handles on after assembly.

I think the handles ended up a bit long - but will leave them for now and let the recipient send it back for alterations if she wants.

For now I am done with this basket, and already collecting the bits for my next one.

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Barb said...

Very cute. I've only made a couple of these baskets so far, but only because I have so much to do and so little time.