Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Happy Valentine...

Hubby and I are unpredictable when it comes to Valentine's Day. Sometimes we do the cards and the chocolates and the flowers and the mushy stuff - and other years we don't. With our birthdays all right around this time, also - it gets into a lot of gift giving all at once, and we sometimes pick and choose which event to focus on.

This year Hubby is making me Sausage Rolls for dinner (check Any Ideas for Dinner in the next few days as we plan to blog the recipe) and I made him pillowcases.

And true to my resolution of stash busting and not buying fabric unless I really really need it, these were made from fabrics on hand. Lazy Sister Sue had given me the beaver fabric a few years back, since Hubby has a beaver collection (it's a Boy Scout Woodbadge thing) and until she shared her pillowcase pattern with me I never quite knew how to use it. It was not big enough to use as a quilt back, and I was afraid that piecing it into a quilt top would be difficult due to the nature of the print. Hubby would not want to carry a tote bag or lunch bag from this fabric, and as it is a little frilly, I figured it would need to be something we use at home.

The pillowcases were perfect, and Hubby loves them.


jillquilts said...

Cool pillowcases! Happy Valentine's day!

SusanC said...

Fun fabric and perfect for Valentine's. Thanks for blogging it but I still don't remember sending you that fabric! I am the older sister......but don't make any remarks about my memory!!!


Jennifer said...

Great fabric and great pillowcases!