Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He gave me the sunrise...

This morning my son gave me the sunrise for my birthday.

It all started yesterday when we had a little bathroom aiming mishap, if you know what I mean. The shower curtain, tub mat and bath rug all ended up in the wash, leaving us with only the clear shower curtain liner.

This morning, rather than seeing that the shower curtain was missing, I was able to see through the clear liner, past the water spots and soap scum, and through the window to catch the most glorious sunrise.

An orange and raspberry sherbet colored sunrise - glowing bright and kissing the beautiful spreading branches of our black walnut tree.

A sunrise that I would have missed had that shower curtain been there.

A glimpse of the sun on what is turning out now to be a cloudy and snowy day.

Thanks Munchkin! Thanks for the best birthday morning!!!

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jillquilts said...

Oh how sweet! Happy birthday!