Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Block of the "day"???

One advantage to coming into this "Block of the Month" series when it was over half published is that I don't have to wait so long for the next block. I am being "good" -and trying to do these in order - and to limit myself to one per sewing session. Block #9 comes out in March, which is only a few days away - but then it is a long wait for April, May and June... Possibly another reason why I have not done one of these before? I have never been known for my patience.

I found the 2nd block easier than the first - perhaps because there were similar elements in the construction that were easier the 2nd time around - and because a color plan - albeit a loosely developed one -is starting to come together out of my assortment of scraps and FQ's and odds and ends.

Today's block is called "Lincoln Logs" - but somehow I don't thing they have many crabs in Illinois? Hmmm -maybe "Crab Rolls" instead???

And this block again illustrates why I enjoy the scrappy quilts -the crabs were from a project Lazy Sister Sue and I did for Mom, the yellow is in both a quilt for DragonBen and in one for BIL ScouterMark, and the WOW is leftover from a special project to be named later that I just finished but can't share with the world yet...

All these little bits will make this a really special quilt for the Munchkin!


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Jen said...

Your sister cracks me up....maybe cause I'm privy to the lingo!!

That's a really cool block!

jillquilts said...

Very cool block!!