Monday, February 02, 2009

Found Four Patches

I "found" these four-patches... and I found them while I was working on another project.

Last spring I got so excited about the Hobo Lunchbag, I decided to make a bunch to take to a craft show I did in December.

As usual, however, I made a few changes in the construction from the original instructions.

I made mine about 1" deeper than the original...

and... rather than sew the sides all the way down and then do the little "triangle trick" to box the bottom (which never seems to work consistently for me), I chose rather to cut a 3" square out of the corners of both the bag body and the lining prior to sewing, leaving me with a whole bunch of 3" squares already cut and ready to go.

A little bit of chain piecing later, and I have 45 4 patches, 2 of each fabric and one extra. They range from black to blue to birthday candle print - a big variety.

They measure 5" square, each is a print and a solid - either white or muslin, with the exception of one that has a "pinstripe" for the light fabric.

Not sure what to do with them next - any ideas???

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