Monday, February 09, 2009

It's the month for...

February is our month for birthdays, but looking at back posts from the past few years, it also seems to be our month for germs - especially for the Munchkin and I.

This year we both got waylaid by a nasty stomach virus - each in turn - that takes a bit to bounce back from, and so our "birth month" celebration has been a bit more erratic than last year. I guess that saves all of you from the day by day play by play. Quick synopsis: chocolate, trains and tracks. Not very creative, I know - but the best this mommy could muster from the quarantine of the sofa. (and this virus was so icky -the chocolate did not even get eaten - it messes with your taste buds -not fun)

Now that we are feeling better - things may get more interesting. I have a few handmade projects in the stash (not photographed yet, sorry...), and the birthday cake of the year has been designed - providing the Munchkin does not change his mind yet again.

We have gone from a steam engine - to a diesel engine - back to a steam engine - to an alligator - to a dinosaur (T-Rex - standing NOT sleeping) - back to a steam engine - back to an alligator.

Since I "design" the party theme and invitations around the cake, I finally opted to send out electronic invitations with no theme on them at all - just to hedge my bets. Somehow I am anticipating boo boo lip and tears no matter what Hubby finally comes up with.

At least the germs hit us early -and perhaps will not visit again on my birthday like they did last year.


Higgins Design Studio said...

I'd love to see what hubby can come up with for a standing (not sleeping) T-Rex! I've been impressed with the trucks and the treasure chest groom's cake...
Glad that the bug is gone, so sorry you and the munchkin were feeling yucky. I know how it feels to be sick on your birthday, it's no fun. Even if you're not a little munchkin!
Sending hugs and kisses from SC!
Love you sis!

jillquilts said...

I'm glad you are all starting to feel some better! I hope that it doesn't ruin the birthday month!