Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Serve -and have fun, too

In addition to work and home and crafting, I am also a very active Lions Club member, as is my husband. He was a Lion in Pendleton, SC before our move to NY, and I joined shortly after we moved here, primarily to meet people in our new community and do something good with my time.

Little did I realize that many members of my Lions Club were active within the organization at the regional, state and international levels, and soon drew my husband and I into volunteering in larger capacities, capitalizing on our skills and interests in writing and web design, as well as leadership training and communications, to enhance the organization and our service to our communities.

This weekend is our annual convention for all the Lions Clubs of New York State and Bermuda. We will be converging on Niagara Falls, NY for 3 days of fun and fellowship, sharing ideas as well as touching base with old friends and probably making some new ones. I am leading a workshop to promote our Lions Leadership Institute, a 4 day intensive leadership training seminar that I help coordinate each year, as well as having a booth with hand printed greeting cards to sell as a fund raiser for the institute (hence my hours with the Print Gocco recently). This photo is of me at our booth with my good friend Ken, previous coordinator for the institute, and incoming Council Chair for the Lions Clubs of New York State and Bermuda.

Hubby is helping with a seminar on building a website for your Lions Club, as well as helping me out. And the Munchkin is spending a fun filled weekend with Gramma, Grandpa, and their new dog, Lilly.

If you have an urge to serve your community, check out your local Lions Club. It's a great organization with lots of opportunities to do good, and usually fun, things. Even if you don't want to join, you can support the club's activities and fund raisers, and don't forget to give them your used eyeglasses or hearing aids.

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Moneik said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead. Enjoy your little vacation.