Saturday, January 14, 2012

Unwrapping the UFO - Part 9

Update -

The two gifty quilts are basically "done" - I put the last of the FMQ stitches into the one this afternoon (and am now icing my shoulder!!!) - there is more thread in this quilt than in any quilt I have EVER made before!!!!! - and I really pushed my comfort zone wayyyy out there on the quilting on this one.  I went through more than 2 bobbins JUST on the border work!!!!!

I am almost done with the binding on the other -and still need to choose, make and attach binding on the FMQ quilt.  Then LOTS of threads to bury and clean-up work to do... maybe they will get them by January 25th???  Only a month late - that's not bad...



Susan C said...

A month late or 11 months early for next Christmas!


Jean said...

it's worth the wait.