Monday, January 02, 2012

Unwrapping the UFO - Part 5

So in case Jill and Lazy Sister Sue have not already guessed, these quilts are Christmas themed quilts.  The fabrics we swapped for our 2011 SIS swap were all reds and greens and golds and "Christmasy" colors.

I was able to piece both these tops from the leftover SIS scraps and some additions from my stash - right down to the backings.  The backing on one of them, in fact, is a well aged fabric... and a well traveled one.  It was purchased probably around 1998 in South Carolina - at a store that I believe is no longer in existence - and made the journey north in 1999 - to languish in a drawer for a long time.  It's original purpose was for a Christmas shirt - but long ago I realized I would never make such a shirt - let alone wear it - and so it sat.  A few pieces were cut off to make some holiday gift totes and book covers a few years ago but I could not figure out a use for the rest of it, until now.  To be honest, the SIS quilt and these 2 quilts are the very first Christmas themed quilts I have ever done.  Lucky for me there was plenty left to do the backing on one of these two UFO's (I won't say which)... and even a teeny bit left over to make ME a pillowcase!!!  (and the red star fabric in the cuff part of this pillowcase is part of the backing in the OTHER quilt!  Now how cool is that!)


jillquilts said...

That is pretty cool!

Susan C said...

I have been working diligently on my 2011 SIS quilt, hoping to at least have the top done when you finish the UFO! It will be fun to have two Christmas themed quilts ~ well I'll actually have three because I am working on a redwork one that was a BOM at the quilt shop. What shop did you buy that backing fabric from?! I like that you will have a pillowcase to match our quilts!