Thursday, January 05, 2012

Unwrapping the UFO - Part 7

So when I talk about these UFO's and can't show pictures for fear of giving away the surprise, it's difficult to convey the scope of this project.

So here's some dimensions:
Quilt A - 51x60
Quilt B - 64x80
Quilt C - 58x72

So now there are three?  Are you confused yet?
Well - one of these is the quilt I had to throw under the needle to free up the safety pins - so yes, there are 3 quilts simultaneously being finished - but one is a keeper.

Progress update (in no particular order)
1:  straight line quilting finished - needs FMQ, trimming and binding (which needs to be cut and made)
2:  quilting finished, binding on and hand stitching of binding has begun.
3.  straight line quilting almost finished, some FMQ needs to be done, binding made but not yet attached.

I was hoping to ship these out this weekend -but that is not going to happen.  MLK Day gifts, anyone?  (no wait - no mail delivery that day.  Dang)

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Susan C said...

But you could mail them so they arrive on the 17th when I will be celebrating 29 years of being Mom to a wonderful daughter!!! (Who has plenty of quilts, this one is for ME!)