Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Un-unwrapping the UFO

"Un-unwrapping" - double negative - which means WRAPPING!
Actually, they are both done, washed, labeled, photographed, wrapped, and packaged -and as soon as I click "publish post" I am headed to the post office to send these out!!!
(only a month after Christmas - not too bad?!?!?)

Pictures to follow after they have been received and opened by both.


Cheryl Willis said...

you are such a tease! I can't believe I have been following along with this mystery. Good part is, I didn't have to sew anything to play- lol

A month is great- I have TO Do's that I don't even put an end date on. cw

Jean said...

hurry up! LOL!

Marj said...

I think that only a month late is pretty good. I can hardly wait to see the quilts. I just completed a UFO that was about a year late....