Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 "goals?"

I have never really worked off an annual goals list for my quilting.  There are a few projects that hover around each year - like my annual quilt for Christmas gifting to one of hubby's siblings, and graduation quilts for nieces and nephews as they reach the end of high school (I have years of advance notice on those and still I am 3 quilts behind already - and just gifted one to a nephew who is in graduate school now!!! ooops)

This year I hope to finish up those 3 grad quilts so I will be back on track, and I have the fabrics for the annual Christmas Gift quilt (and the pattern, too!), so I can get a good start on that and hopefully not be IOU'ing it like I did this year.

Beyond that?  Who knows.  We will probably do another SIS swap this year, though I need to finish up mine from 2011 still (flimsy done), and I have a drawer full of other flimsies.

4Patches4Hope will play a big role in the first part of the year - with squares for well over 10 quilts I will be quite busy assembling those. 

I may have a wedding quilt to make - just learned of a friend's engagement on Christmas Day and don't know when the magic date will be - they are also buying a house so it will do double duty.  Looking forward to making that one - those are always fun!

Who knows what else the year will bring - I am keeping my mind, and my options, wide open!!!

Happy New Year!

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Edie said...

Regina,I came upon your blog from posting on Lazy Girl Yahoo Group several years ago. I so enjoy reading it. Watching your son grow up is delightful also.

I am always amazed at how much you can you do and accomplish. You are an inspiration.

Happy New Year to you and your family.