Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Temptation Tuesday

OK - so the competitive side of me was tempted by a quick finish and a finish a night - in addition to encouraging each other, our fearless Prolific Online Quilt group leaders are keeping score!

But as tempting as it was to finish some quick and easies that I have cut out and waiting - I went for one of the biggies...

Purple Miranda I (which is a twin to Purple Miranda II by the way) - which has been languishing, cut and waiting - since about - oh - 15 months ago...(oops!)

See - I cut them out (meant to make one but ended up with all those "there's only 7/8 of a yard left on this bolt -do you want it at 50% off the current price" situations - and had enough to make 2, and then some) - and then got my new machine so thought "hey - these would be great to free motion quilt" -and then I chickened out. I have practiced FMQ some - but these were for someone else - and on a bag it is really FRONT AND CENTER - and I was not confident.

And then recently - after fondling Lazy Girl Design's newest bag, Claire, who is not quilted but uses fusible batting, I put two and two together and decided that Purple Miranda I and II would NOT be quilted - but rather fused to fusible batting. The fabric pattern is swirly enough to stand on its own without the addition of the quilting, and I would be that much closer to having these done.

So a month later - I finally started.

And although I did not finish Purple Miranda I tonight - I have the "bagsket" part done - the body of the bag and all the pockets. I just need to add the straps and flap and cinch tabs. If everything goes well, it should be done tomorrow.

And I need to finish Purple Miranda II by the 2nd of July -it needs to catch a ride south...


Moneik said...

Great job getting so much done. The bag part is where I usually stop in a night too. I don't know what it is about handles, but they do me in. I love the Folding Pen for handles!

Higgins Design Studio said...

I guess I don't remember reading that post about the purple Mirandas... thank you in advance!
Love you sis!