Monday, June 01, 2009

A Hard Fought Finish

The Prolific Online Quilters have put on their cheerleader uniforms and picked up their pom-poms, and we are encouraging each other to finish up projects that have been languishing.

Tonight, after battling the skeeters to water my garden (forecast said 60% chance of rain at 9pm, radar at 8:30 PM showed NO sign of rain - I opted to water - in the dark) I decided to see if I could finish a sewing project, or two, or more.

Well - it was to be ONE - and only ONE. See - ever since I started making fancy pillowcases with cuffs and trims and all the bells and whistles, I thought it would be nice to use the same technique of hidden seams and no raw edges to make a cover for my rice bag - it's own little pillow case. So I figured out the measurements, and as I manage my scraps of novelty fabrics, I have been cutting little fancy cuffs for just this purpose and tucking them into a zip top bag (cutting the big case area out of neutrals). My favorite of these is the bandaid fabric - which I thought would be great for those not feeling so good moments when the rice bag is needed.

Well -turning the tube on the full size pillowcases is EASY - and on these little ones? Not so much. Add to that a broken fingernail, a "French Seam" that was having challenges catching all the fabrics, and just a lack of patience - and I decided that this would be my only finish of the night. (well - that and finishing a blog post, I guess).

Will I make more of these? Yes! Will I pull out my handy dandy turning tool for next time? Certainly!!!

OK - now to go warm up the rice bag - my arms are tired from water aerobics today. Feels good -but still....

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Pollyanna said...

Note to self, do not try this at home;)

I still love your band-aid fabric. I searched and searched for some after you told me you had it...but I never found it. Now you are just teasing me with this. Now go warm your rice again!