Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What puts the "U" in my "UFO"???

Jill asked recently what causes my projects to stay unfinished.

For me I think it is a combination of factors...

1.  Cutting/piecing/bordering - these are all things I can easily do in short spurts in the late hours (9-11) when I usually do most of my quilting.  This way I am not taking away from family time.

2.  Cutting/piecing/bordering also don't take too much energy (see reference to late hours above).

3.  Sandwiching can normally NOT be done in my house -unless it is a small quilt.  There is just not enough available open floor space.  I pin baste my quilts, and have had great success borrowing Shellie's living room floor - but I don't have the stamina to pin up more than one in an evening, so they are a bit backed up.

4.  Wrestling the weight of a quilt on the table without a drop in or an extension - especially late at night - often needs more energy than I have at the time.

5.  Quilting a large quilt during the daytime/weekends takes away from family time, so I tend not to do it unless I am really up against a deadline.

So that's about the extent of it.   I am working on point #4 - and Shellie helps with point #3 - so hopefully we will soon have fewer U's and more F's. (yeah, right!)


Kate said...

Do you think you'd be more happy with quilting if you didn't have to do it at night?

vtquilter said...

Check out the Sharon Shamber (sp?) website. She showed us how to roll the quilt top on a regular board, and do the same with the backing. Then just roll out the part you want to pin on a table. Much quicker and can be done in a smaller space. Doesn't kill the back and comes out better than doing it on the floor. I think she has a video clip explaining it.
Good Luck.

jillquilts said...

For not wanting to take away from family time and only sewing at night, you get a ton done!!! It helps though that the Munchkin gets involved. :)

Great post!!

Shellie said...

LOL.... glad I can help.

Hanswife said...

now that everyone is grown up I still work on projects during the evening so don't think it has much to do with kids. Although I love a cold rainier afternoon sew in too