Friday, April 15, 2011

The Shopping

Fabric Shack finds - this does not include the SEVEN yards of blanket cloth that found its way into my carry on - somehow!
Maxie checking out my jelly roll, fat quarters, and some great yardage.  I love basketweave fabrics!

More basketweave, some fat quarters from Fabric Shack, and more yardage.  The robots are for the Munchkin, as are the "shark" goldfish.
I wanted to play with some wool work- and this seemed a good way to get started
Shirtings, some great rusts, and the ruler I bought for my class -and beyond!
Doesn't everyone need peanut and monkey fabrics?!????!!
So did you really think I could get through an entire weekend of 300+ vendors AND a trip to the Fabric Shack (WITH a tent sale no less) and not buy anything???
The South Carolina contingent even brought everyone some goodies!!!
Pictures of actual people to follow when I get emailed copies of them (hint hint hint)


Jennifer said...

You got some great stuff! Love that goldfish shark fabric.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

You really racked up the fun! I can't wait to see what you do with all that!

I'm now following you....not stalking but following... hahaahahahahaha! I'm so glad I met ya!

Love ya!

jillquilts said...

Great buys there! And did I tell you that Maxid can't leave fabric alone? He's a goof!

I think that all of my people pics are in we shots in my April folder. You ate welcome to them or let me know which ones you like and I can send you the files. :)

Susan C said...

Even though we handed them out in a random fashion AND they were not all alike, you ended up with the same notepad cover, zippered pouch and drawstring bag that I have! I made the drawstring bags for our goodies and had made myself one several years ago. I keep the foot pedal and cord for my Featherweight in mine. Now I can think of you everytime I use these items!


Carol said...

Better late than never - I'm in Paducah right now and realized that I never posted my finds from Cincinnati. Yours look great - I'm impressed that you were able to fit it all in your bags on the way home.