Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Show

I cannot even begin to sort out the photos on the quilts - there are too many and I took them for so many different reasons.  Some I was able to get the shot of the information card with the quilter's name -and some I was not - so I apologize to anyone whose quilt is shown here that I am unable to name them.

The ones I am showing here are mostly pairs of a broad shot and an up-close of something unique that caught my attention - either texture, content, or something I want to try and was figuring out how to do.

The beadwork on this for the sunflower seeds was incredible.
This is sideways - but I love how this one combined the sun printing of the leaves with the piecework of the overall quilt.

Had to have a turtle.  More info to follow on this one at another time.
This was an oriental design.  I have seen these blocks in a book I have on Japanese style quilt blocks and have them on my list to try.
The book I have uses striped fabric for these - which I don't have much of - but the piecing of the strips is GENIUS!!!  (I already made one of these last night!)
Oh Look - A Squirrel (sorry it is sideways)

Sideways -but the texture and use of fonts and colors in this was inspired.
Of course it was awesome that it had "Queen" in it... no bee though!

Tessellating MOM!  WOW!  I am so going to try this one - for a pillow in my studio.

These were INCREDIBLE artists!!!  Some were quilts that I would like to try some day - some were things I would not try but admire -and some just made me go ????????? - but regardless of my reaction to each of them, the skill and artistry on every single quilt was unbelievable!


Barb said...

You are right incredible...thanks for showing!!

Cheryl Willis said...

it is like doing a 30 sec show. great eye candy, i have photos to upload from last weekend. cw

jillquilts said...

The quilts were my only complaint about the show. They were fairly light in the number of quilts they had on display. Still nice quilts!! Great pics!