Sunday, April 03, 2011


I am preparing to do some renovation/tweaking to my studio space.   There have been some little changes over the past few weeks since the addition of a larger TV due to the purchase of a flat screen HDTV for the living room, the relocation of a cabinet to hold the TV, and the gentle purging of unneeded/unwanted items.  For a while now I have been wanting to replace my table with one I could modify to drop in my sewing machine, and thanks to the generosity of a local resident who responded to an internet plea - I now have just such a table waiting in the wings.

The dilemma(s)? 

Dive in now - or wait until my two upcoming trips are done?

Make a mess that I will not have time to un-make, or just putter along with the status-quo so that I can finish up some projects in the interim?

Use the table in it's current state so that I have a better feel for where I want hubby to cut the hole, or wait and let him modify it before we take it all the way up to the attic?

The mind says wait (and my machine is in for service - so the modifications MUST wait) - but the heart says "go for it"....  I think the fact that the studio is directly above the Munchkin's room and that moving major furniture and using power tools should probably not be attempted while he is sleeping -especially on a school night - is going to force me to wait... until EASTER WEEKEND!!!!

I did add a comfy camp chair to the mix today - we got to try it out at Home Depot, and it was comfy for both the Munchkin and I - he was lounging sideways and I think the addition of a blanket to "sling chair" it a bit will make it a cozy spot for movie watching and hand work.  It, too, is propped up in the corner, along with my mondo cutting mat and the legs to the 'new' table.

If only I were not going to the International Quilt Festival this coming week AND seeing my best buddy Jill AND seeing my Lazy Sister Sue AND seeing some other friends AND taking a class AND following it all up with a visit to my brother's the following weekend....

:-)  When you put it that way, I CAN wait for the renovations....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are working on the renovation, even if you aren't moving furniture.

Marj said...

Only a few more sleeps until we all meet up in Cincinnati! I guess the renovation can wait a little while. Sounds like it will be a great setup when all is said and done.

jillquilts said...

Put that way, waiting is OK! :) I can't wait to see the changes in the room and how you manage everything! :)