Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's the Little Things

Last Sunday, as I sandwiched a quilt together and filled it full of safety pins to await machine quilting, I lamented coming to the bottom of my pin box, as it meant I would not have enough pins left to organize the quilt layout on one of my other projects.

Normally as I lay a quilt out on the living room floor, I stack my rows of blocks together and pin each stack in the corner, so I don't get things mixed up or twisted around in transport up to my sewing room. I even have a little "code" that lets me know which row I am looking at ... just in case.

(Yes - it would all be so much easier with a design wall, but right now the living room floor will have to suffice)

Today, while rummaging around for "hardware" to work on a messenger bag for the Munchkin to take to preschool, I came across a box marked "quilting supplies" - a box that moved with us from South Carolina about 10 years ago and kind of got stuck in a box and then into a corner and then into a closet and forgotten, as new supplies and new methods of organization came along.

In that box was... a HUGE supply of safety pins!! Large ones, small ones, quilters pins, regular pins - AND some heavy duty machine needles that will come in handy sewing the denim of the Messenger Bag.

Made my day!!!

The "Bricks and Stepping Stones" quilt layout is now complete and pinned and awaiting assembly.


Shellie said...

How fortunate!!! It was meant to be. You needed those pins and you found them... way cool!! Thanks for the link to the quilt. It just might be a next project...mmmmm.. Pick a day for us to get together girlie...shellie

jillquilts said...

That is awesome that you found them! Did you even realize that they were missing?

Carin said...

Woo hoo what a great find!

Gina said...

that's great. It's amazing what we find when we are not looking

Love and hugs Gina xxx