Friday, August 29, 2008

of Pigs and Ducks and other beasties...

OK - you are probably all scratching your heads now and looking at this picture and going "HUH?"

"Um - we see the turtles - but what's this about Pigs and Ducks"

"Do you see any pigs and ducks on this fabric?"

"The girl has finally lost her mind!"

Well, I can't deny that the mind is precariously balanced at times - but I reassure you that there is a correlation here. Just "bear" with me a bit. (couldn't resist-sorry)

What I'm really talking about are "Prize Pigs" and "Lucky Ducks"

In the radio and TV world of promotions and giveaways and freebies, the "Prize Pig" is the person who enters all sorts of different contests every single chance they get, and often walks away with more than the average person's share of prizes. Somewhat like Lazlo Hollyfeld, but less scientific, and sometimes more annoying. This has now carried over into the internet as well.

I try not to be one of those - I will admit to visiting a few blogs because I see on someone else's blog that "so and so is having a great giveaway" - and I click over and see what it is all about. Sometimes I enter, sometimes I don't. I will say that a couple blogs on my daily read list I "discovered" because of posts like these - and I liked what I read beyond the giveaway stuff and I stuck around.

There are even blogs and websites that do nothing but list giveaways that other blogs and websites are having. But rather than randomly trolling the internet for "free stuff" I much prefer to frequent certain blogs because I like the people, enjoy their posts, and usually share similar interests. When they happen to have a giveaway for whatever reason, I usually throw my name in the hat.

That's where the "Lucky Duck" comes in - where I was fortunate enough to be the winner of two different giveaways - one from Carolyn (fabric on the right) and one from Connie (fabric on the left) And as Connie knows me and my weakness for all things "turtley", she sent me a little bonus fabric above and beyond what she had planned (the fabric at front left - isn't it just darling?!?!) That would not happen to a "Prize Pig"... that's the personal touch!

But I don't think the "Lucky Duck" comes so much from winning something from these two great ladies, but having found them and their blogs and being able to share ideas, inspiration, motivation and support as we all share our adventures, trials and tribulations out here in blog land for all to see. My daily reads are mostly this type of blogger - ones I hope are getting the same thing back from me, too.

And perhaps next time I have a giveaway here - it will be one of their turns to be the "Lucky Duck."

Hmmm....when will that be??!! Hmmm......

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Barb said...

Those fabrics are wonderful ~ you are indeed a lucky duck. I completely agree with you about "give~aways." Sometimes I try, sometimes I don't... but it's a nice way to discover other blogs of interest. Ya never know what you'll find out there.