Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My First Commissioned Work

Hubby's Mom IM'd me the other day - with a request that I make a prayer book cover for her to give to a friend for a 75th surprise birthday party gift.

The back story behind this is that I had made a greeting card holder for MIL out of some gingerbread fabric last Christmas - with pockets for cards and envelopes, and a spot for a pen so she could address Christmas Cards easily. (and she loves gingerbread). Well wasn't it just fun that the holder fit right over her prayer book like a book cover?

She's been after me to make her a non-holiday once since then, and I took all the measurements but I misplaced them, and then got distracted by some other projects - ok - LOTS of other projects. I kept meaning to do them - honest!!!

Anyway, she requested, and I sewed, after stopping by to pick up her prayer book to get the measurements. The burgundy stripe is actually kimono silk given to me by Mama Matsumoto, one of my moms from my Japanese life. The purple is left over from a quilt I made for Hubby's little sister. I decided to make two while I was sewing, and made a couple of little Rosary pouches out of the scraps (they are not attached to the covers). She can choose one or both for her friend, and keep the other for herself, or I can even make more...

Total time for both - about 1 hour, including the little pouches. And just a note- the Velcro Fusion DOES stick to the silk. YAY!

The commission? She pays us in fabric, meals, plants, Munchkin-sitting, and by generally being a great mother-in-law, Mom and Grandma. Works for me.


Barb said...

I like the way she pays! When we lived in NC we had an "Auntie Ann" who babysat in exchange for quilting lessons. It was awesome.

Jen said...

Ok, HOW did you get velcro fusion to stick to silk without scortching it??

Way to go on your commissioned work!! I had a friend buy a quilt from me the other day, I was shocked!!

Moneik said...

Those look awesome and I'm sure she will love them. I like the way she pays too. My MIL is like that too.

Lil Mouse said...

cool. so far no one's asked me to make anything for payment. maybe one day. i have been making a lot of gifts lately though..