Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dirty Tales from the Garden - a break in the rain

We've had lots of rain recently. Not ark-building rain, but more of an inconvenient, raining when I have free time to putter in the garden, everything is lush and green and growing like crazy rain.

I got a few moments between drops to slip out and get some garden pictures. Some of these plants I can take credit for - some are the neighbor's.

Russian Sage and Black Eyed Susans around the bird feeder my dad gave me when we moved to NY.

The neighbor's pumpkin patch - you can see 3 large pumpkins in various stages of ripening in this photo - there are probably close to a dozen in the patch all together.

New life for old farm implements -my neighbor uses them as stakes for her tall plants- the tomatoes, the dill, and more. Over the past two years the stakes have included hoes and rakes, old crutches, skis and ski poles, and more. It is great fun to see what will appear out there next.

Pass the Peas - take 2.
We planted 24 more pea plants.
All but 6 came up.
We are looking forward to a great 2nd harvest - and we won't let them stay on the vine so long this time around.


Lil Mouse said...

my mom has a big garden (not as big as it was when we were small, but still)... they're still working on green beans and corn and will start canning tomatoes soon. we havent had anything fresh this year unless it came from the grocery store--and that's all trucked in and not local. such a disappointment, BUT we may get some next weekend, as my folks really want to see us and they agreed to meet halfway (suggested it, actually) to have lunch and bring us some 'goodies' -- if it happens i'll be very happy. I hate canned or store-frozen corn. my hubby loves tomatoes and you cant find them in stores here, and i keep forgetting about the farmers' markets. idiot. oh well.

Connie said...

Your garden is so picturesque! Mine does it's job, but it ain't pretty.

Regina said...

Beautiful! I am jealous, even if some are your neighbors.

Barb said...

What great photos. I'm still struggling to keep my moss roses alive. Thank goodness for rain or they'd be gone already.