Friday, August 01, 2008

Flashback Friday - Summer Vacations

Last Monday Hubby, the Munchkin and I went on a "staycation" - to the Seneca Park Zoo. Actually we became zoo members - so return trips are planned (it is only about 20 minutes away).

This got me reminiscing about summer vacations as a child...

Jones Beach on Long Island with the cousins during our summer visit to the grandparents (yes, that's me in the orange suit with my cousin Liz, who I idolized. I always thought she was so gorgeous and glamorous!!!)

Camping in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (with the ginormous Daddy Long Legs in the bathrooms)


Cape Cod

...I think I had the advantage being the youngest, because as the older siblings married and moved out and went to far flung states, our vacations became longer as we journeyed to see them, and took in the sites along the way...

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and other assorted Civil War sites.

Washington, DC

Cherokee, NC

just to name a few.

So many of these photos are in boxes here, there and everywhere - but there are still images that I remember even without the photos.
  • Cindy with a Life Saver shaped frisbee full of Hermit Crabs in Cape Cod.
  • Getting a hole in one at mini-golf in Cape Cod and winning a free game (yup, me - the non-golfer!)
  • Eating fudge in Harper's Ferry and looking for old fashioned buttons for my brother's button up "braces" (suspenders)
  • The country store near Shenandoah Caverns in Virginia.
  • Stubbing my toe badly on the way from the parking lot TO Jones Beach and having to wear my sneakers the entire time to protect it.
  • Hunting Island, SC with the sand dollars under your toes, the fish tickling your legs, and the long long shallow surf to walk out before it ever dropped off or got over your head.
...I can't wait to take the Munchkin along to some of these same places - knowing that they will be different but still looking for that little bit of familiar - and I am looking forward to mapping out some new destinations, too.

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Higgins Design Studio said...

In talking with Mom, we never camped at the Pennsylvania Grand canyon, we just took a day trip there with Elizabeth and her family. The camping was actually in Amish country of PA, near Lancaster. And that is where the ginormous daddy long-legs were found in the bathrooms... and not just a few of them, hundreds!
The country store in VA has either changed hands or closed... it wasn't there when we went to MA a few years ago on that route.
Thanks for the memories...
Love you sis!