Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dirty Tales from the Garden - The Sledding Hill

So I know it is a bit early to be thinking of winter.

Wait a second -I live in Western NY - it's never too early to be thinking of winter!

At any rate - let me tell you about our "sledding hill"...

See - we live on a pretty flat lot. In the village. The only little slopes are off the side of the driveway going towards the road (uh oh), and the little "knoll" built up around the trunk of our black walnut tree (and another little tiny slope from the side yard to the back where a sugar maple used to be - but if I write about that my neighbor will laugh at me...)

So for a nearly 3 year old - the best option for a "sledding hill" is the tree knoll. Tall enough for a little bit of a slide and "whee" (and for Mommy to go sprawling).

The only catch? Well - see that picture of the Munchkin with his ball in front of our "sledding hill" tree? Can you see what Mommy has put there? No -it's not one of my killer roses - I don't think even they would like the black walnut as a home.

Nope -it's rocks.
Softball sized field stones outlining the borders of that little flower bed.

Wonder how those will feel under my tush when the sled hits them? Or maybe it is time to convince the Munchkin that he needs to sled solo now. He's lighter -should skim right over them, right?

Oh the things we do to our gardens in the dead of winter.

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