Friday, January 11, 2008

What Vintage are you???

I am pondering what photo vintage I am. No -not vintage photos, though it was the handling of some old photos that brought on this musing - but photo vintage. Kind of like wine - different vintages for different periods.

Old sepia portraits, those great black and white square snapshots, early color prints all faded out, Polaroids, slides - or digital...

I am a slide vintage - compounded by being child #6. While there are photos of me from various years -many are buried in slide trays or old negatives.

My son is digital all the way - although I think there are a couple of traditional film shots of him, somewhere...Add that to him being an only child - and look out! I could have filled a room full of prints and negatives if we were still using film!

I tackled the digitizing of my family slides a couple of years ago - time consuming, but well well worth the effort.

Now to dive into another stack of prints and get them scanned in. I guess in the end I am taking us all digital.

But I still love those old sepia prints - mmmmmm. Even the ones where I have no idea who the people are.

(and yes, that is me - circa 1969 (I think) - with the chocolate chapstick I got for Christmas that year that lasted me MAYBE one day. Don't ya just love the mop cap?!! Thanks Lazy Sister Sue - I think I can blame that one on you!!!)

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Jen said...

I'm a 35mm Manual SLR from my dad, and a DISC camera with a breif stop in polaroid ville from my mom. Thankfully both are now digital...but dad and I have a little Manual SLR still hanging around in us. GREAT POST!!