Thursday, January 03, 2008

Watching the Wallet

OK - true confession time - I am a wallet watcher.

Unfortunately this does not mean that I am exceptionally frugal and good with my money - although I try to be... means that I watch wallets. Not everywhere, but in my job proctoring exams I have to ask people for their ID, and I get to watch what kind of wallet they are carrying. Eight people a day - eight different wallets - five days a week. So I am up to a 40 wallet a week habit - more or less, as some people just stick their ID in their pocket and leave the wallet at home.

I watch the women's wallets more than the mens. I have gone through various wallet phases in my life - the checkbook and big wallet all in one, the wallet/purse on a string, wallets with zippers and lots of pockets, and ID holders on keychains with the Clemson logo on them. So it is interesting to see what my testers - mostly college seniors or about that age - are carrying.

I see all of the above - as well as a few duct tape wallets. But today I actually saw my favorite - and the wallet I am currently carrying myself - a Lazy Girl Wonder Wallet. The owner is a budding Lazy Girl herself - and before she leaves here today I will be getting her the information on the Lazy Girl Yahoo Group - as well as showing her the new Miranda pattern!!

And I will get back to my wallet watching - and see what else walks through my door.


Jen said...

I'm a fellow wallet watcher. I suppose people would be ready to commit me if everytime I saw an awful wallet I whipped a Wonder Wallet out of my purse and gave it to them!!

Hey, does your blog have an RSS feed, I've been unsuccessful at trying to subscribe through bloglines.

Joan Hawley said...

Hi Regina,

I'm with Jen. Perhaps we can be committed together and spend our time sewing.

Love your blog post and I feel the same way. However, I am a bit biased on the subject. :-)