Friday, January 18, 2008

The war is on again

My "studio" is our attic - a nice large space where I can spread out all my projects and close the door to keep out curious kitties when needed.

Unfortunately, this space is also our primary storage area AND contains a small play area for the Munchkin to keep him safely occupied when Momma needs to have him play upstairs while she is working on something.

Sometimes the multiple spaces do NOT get along. Especially around the holidays, when we need to get into the deep storage crawlspace to pull out all the decorations, the organization of the rest of the room suffers. Right now it looks like EVERYTHING exploded and is sitting in the middle of the room - toys, supplies, storage boxes, books - it is chaos.

My goal this month has been to bring the "studio" back, and clean up the play area, so the Munchkin and I can get back down to business - playing!!!

Two nights ago I went up to "dig" - and was so overwhelmed I threw in the towel, took a stack of old books and magazines off the bookcase and took them back downstairs to evaluate and purge. Half are now in the "Freecycle" pile. Emboldened by that small victory, I dared the stairs again last night and made better progress - but still not enough to post an actual photo of the space for all to see.

I feel like I am eating an elephant - one bite (or evening) at a time. Hoping for a quick and painless victory -soon!


Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl said...

Hi Regina,

My space needs a good once-over, too. So does my office.

It can be daunting and I'm impatient - not a great combination.

I bite off little pieces of the job, leading up to a final big push to get it done.

Good luck and I hope to see pix when you are ready.


Jen said...

Gosh, I just moved into my sewing room and already it needs an overhaul! A lot depends on me setting up our wireless network...then a big desk can get out of there.