Friday, January 04, 2008

Everyone Needs Socks

My hubby once sent me a card when we were dating - a funny card that was all about how everyone needs socks - socks in the shower, socks in bed, socks just about anywhere. OK - so it was a little suggestive - but it's been close to 15 years and I still remember that card. I think I still have it somewhere.

Anyway - back to socks, real socks. Socks we take for granted, but that can make or break our day. Ever have a pair of socks just not feel right all day? When you feel the sock with every step? Or they keep falling down and twisting? Amazing how it can really throw you off kilter (not that I have ever been ON kilter - what is kilter, anyway???)

On the other hand - a great pair of socks is like a little hug for your feet - adding a little spring to your step. They can also be that little indulgence - something fun in an otherwise conservative outfit - since you only flash a little at the ankle - something just you know about.

I got just such a pair of socks for Christmas - the perfect combination of fun and function. And the best part -they were made JUST FOR ME - by my wonderful Lazy Sister Sue.

I've worn them all day already - twice - including to work on my first working day of the new year! Talk about stepping out in style!

Everyone needs socks - but you can't have these - they are ALL MINE!!!


Lazy Sister Sue said...

Aww, that's the nicest thank you note I've ver received! The socks look great on you. Did I tell you that one of them was knit while I relaxed on a wonderful vacation in the mountains? Hope that some of that relaxing feeling was knit into them. Enjoy! I had fun knitting socks for everyone, now to knit some for ME!

SewPaula said...

Those are some snuggly looking socks!