Thursday, January 24, 2008

bits and pieces

I am currently working on the speediest quilt I think I have ever made. I made the decision on Tuesday night (1/22) to make this quilt, and it needs to be done by next Friday (2/1). That amidst a full time job and some other activities going on.

I put 2 hours into it last night - and it is well on it's way. Thank goodness for a full studio of leftover fabrics and a relatively simple pattern. I plan to tie it - so even that won't be too bad.

The quilt is for a fundraising silent auction in conjunction with a chicken BBQ to help raise money for some special friends who are dealing with cancer and its related issues. So if you plan to be in the neighborhood of Rochester, NY on February 2nd and have a hankering for a taste of summer and the best chicken BBQ around, let me know and I can get you some tickets.

Ironically - the fabrics I am using for my fundraiser quilt were in my pile of "do I really need these anymore?" fabrics. I had done a paper pieced quilt as a gift and had all sorts of fabrics that I could only find in FQ that I only needed a smidgen of to finish a design. That quilt was all animals - so I had all these browns and tans and rust colors - and surprisingly they are working into a gorgeous Yellow
Brick Road!

There are also some special fabrics worked in - fabrics from my son's baby quilt, fabrics purchased for a fundraiser for one of the people organizing THIS one, fabrics purchased with my sister on a mini-shop-hop.

To top it off - I made a quilt for Christmas and miscalculated on the binding - and made WAAAYYYY too much binding before I realized it. (enough for a king - and I made a throw) - but it is brown speckled - so I can use it to bind this quilt.

So I guess this quilt was really meant to be.

It is the least I can do - and I will be thinking of them with every stitch.


Lazy Sister Sue said...

I told you that the Yellow Brick Road pattern was an easy one you would make again and again. Can't think of a better use of that pattern, your "leftover" fabrics and your talents than to help someone who needs it. Wish I could be there to eat chicken, bid on some goodies and help out with the benefit. I know you will raise lots of $$$ but more importantly, you will be providing some spiritual and emotional comfort.

jillquilts said...

That is a great thing you are doing!

On a side note, in September, we had a lady call our Guild small group and start coming to our meetings and get togethers and she is from Rochester, NY. What a small world!

Jen said...

You really picked a great quilt to do this quickly with. What a fantastic project and I hope it brings in the bucks for them!!