Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sewing while Sick... not highly recommended. Though it is a lot better than cutting while sick...

Yesterday my sniffly snarfly head cold got the better of me, so I stayed home from work.  I still wanted to participate in "Friday Night Sew In" but I was afraid I would not last until "night" so I opted to do some sewing during the day.

Surprisingly I was pretty productive - alhough I worked on lots of things that I can't show photos of because they are gifties or can't be revealed just yet.  Some wool felt work, piecing a top and adding borders to it (cutting and matching a tricky print was not a good idea -but I muddled thorough), and working on chain piecing another quilt I had cut out and kitted up.  I also did a wee bit of knitting on a "year long easy project" - and finished up the binding on a graduation quilt (for someone who graduated in 2011!!!)  A nap worked its way in there, too...  and 4 loads of laundry!!!

I did manage to get a pot of sauce on the stove - figured as long as I was home and could keep an eye on it, I could let it cook down and get happy all day while I rested or puttered on other things.

I had prepped all the tomatoes over the past few weeks and frozen the puree, so really it was just prepping the carrot and onion, adding in diced frozen peppers (again, frozen from the farmer's market) and dropping in the "cubes" of frozen puree.  Oh - and three cloves of fresh garlic!
Friday morning.
Friday evening.
Saturday afternoon.
Our yield was about 9 cups into containers for the freezer.  Add that to the 7 I did a few weeks ago - and we have a happy freezer!

Not bad for a sinffly snarfly day. Unfortunately though mine have improved, Munchkin now has them.  Hubby has a pot of greens and beans soup on the stove for us, and some "super duper noodly chicken soup" for the Munchkin for dinner tonight.



Suzan said...

Hope your cold gets better fast!

jillquilts said...

The red sauce looks yummy! Good luck with the Munchkin's sniffles. Glad that you are feeling better!

Barb said...

I too have the sniffily snarlies here and am not nearly as productive as you.

That sauce looks most yummy. All mine comes out of cans!

Jean(ie) said...

(holding a bowl of whole wheat sketti at the monitor while hoping for some sauce). Yum!

Cathy said...

Oh I am so jealous, not of the cold, but of the tomatoes. My garden was the pits this year. I did not get one tomato and only a few peppers. We had a really bad season here for growing veggies. So I did not get to make a sauce. Usually I do. I do stewed tomatoes also. Love them in the dead of winter.

I hope you enjoy them all winter. Sorry everyone in the house is sick.
GEt WEll