Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dirty Tales - how the garden grows

We had a bit of a strange growing season (not over yet... but soon).  It started early with an early thaw and spring, then we got bit by a hard frost around our normal time.  This nipped a lot of the fruit trees - though my berries seemed to fare OK as they had not blossomed yet.

We then had some chilly rainy weather - and so my garden went in LATER than usual.  Some bunny traffic got us off to a bumpy start, but we were going along well.

Then it got HOT.
And then it got DRY.

And then things settled out and the plants that survived all of that have been sharing their bounty.  Here's a little photo tour. Some things just were not being photogenic - like the rhubarb, chives, basil, roma tomatoes, gourds and poblano peppers... but they've all been growing very well.
"Baby 'Killer'" the rosebush

Sunflower planted by the birds - and consumed by the birds



Yummy tomatoes

The potato that hid during harvest - we got enough for one nice meal!

The arbor pathway into the side garden.

And I can't forget my 'best' crop of all - shown here on the 1st day of 2nd grade:


Suzan said...

I was so excited about my tomato crop this year that I have offered to put in a plant for my sister next year. Between the two of us we will be able to provide everyone we know with tomatoes! I have also been inspired to plant potatoes. I haven't done that in years but those little fingerling potatoes are so delicious and so expensive that it just makes sense to try to grow my own. I think I will do them in peach baskets and see how they fare. I have been able to grow my tomatoes completely pesticide-free and organic so I am hoping when I delve into more veggies I will be able to also grow those as naturally as possible. Does broccoli need a lot of room or any special considerations? I have full sun for about 7 hours every day.

Jean(ie) said...

That last one is the very best!!!!

jillquilts said...

Love the garden pics! Congrats on the first day of 2nd grade!