Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dilemma of the day...

Finish some things up or start something new??? Half the brain says finish and half says start... but there are too many great ideas to start that I don't know if I can choose. Maybe if I type out the list it will help?

To finish:
1.  Graduation Bargello -just needs tag and washing and to be gifted.
2.  Green and Black Breadcrumbs - 4Patches4Hope quilt needs sandwiching and quilting.
3.  Green and Black Snapshots - 4Patches4Hope quilt needs assembly.
4.  Green and Black Snapshots on point - 4P4H needs setting triangles cut and assembly.
5.  G9P (more to follow on that) - needs sandwiching and quilting.
6.  Green dot dash - 4P4H needs sandwiching and quilting
7.  Lavender kitchen sink - 4P4H needs sandwiching and quilting.
8.  Christmas gift quilt - needs sandwiching and quilting
9.  SIS 2012 - needs borders

(can you sense a pattern here?  was hoping to have my frame set up by now but the front porch needs to be replaced first - so I am on hold on a lot of things)

To start:
1.  Granny Squares
2.  Instagram
3.  Snow Flowers
4.  2 Lazy Girl Lily bags
5.  2 Lazy Girl Miranda bags
6.  Christmas gifties for office mates

ok - that didn't help.  Now I feel overwhelmed!
Heading up to piece some backings - the boys are taking over the living room floor (my sandwich space) playing Wii, but if I am ready when they are done, I may get these tackled yet.



jillquilts said...

Good luck! Your lists are about as long as mine!

Jennifer said...

I second Jill - always a lot to do and a lot to be done! I do feel better when I have finished some thing though....

Anjeanette said...

I think starting new projects is always a good idea! I have done it many times;) At least you are organized. I need to make a list like you have.