Thursday, February 24, 2011

UFO's and Flying PIGS

(ok -so I know it is a sheep in this picture - but I could not find any evidence of aliens abducting anything except sheep, cows or people - they don't seem to want PIGS - go figure)

My PIGS are battling my UFO's - and at least this week, the PIGS are winning! I have pushed aside a UFO from the recent Sew in the Snow Day (the creamsicle quilt), and started a charity quilt that has been roiling around in the back of my brain since last year at this time, when a few fellow quilters at my workplace donated a quilt to our United Way kickoff carnival raffle.

They did a t-shirt quilt, which was very popular, but I did not have access to shirts and did not want to copy them anyway. What I did have was a large number of fabrics I have been collecting in our school colors - orange and brown.

Last night I finally decided on a scrappy brick wall pattern -making it up as I go - and did the initial cutting. I am assembling this using a "quilt as you go" construction, and was able to pull batting strips that have been in a box since about 2000, when they were leftover from a baby quilt I did. There are plenty to do both the body of the quilt and the borders, so once I get the strips laid out the way I want (and pick up some muslin for the back and a nice brown thread) this should go together fairly quickly.

Currently I have 12 strips that I have sewn into loops. I will be cutting some open down the middle of a block, and opening up some along a seam so that I can lay them out staggered like a real brick wall.

And then once this PIGGY is off to market at the raffle, I will be back to battling the UFO's.


jillquilts said...

Very cool!! I can't wait to see your finished quilt!

Deanna said...

Thrifty sewing (and a funny post).

Kate said...

Love the UFO pic! Sounds like you are on a role. Looking forward to seeing the finished wall hanging.

Hanswife said...

love the green quilting, how awesome that your work supports quilting

Anonymous said...

Oh, great idea! I love that you are using leftover batting strips, too. And pigs? No alien abductions, thank goodness! What would I do if they took all the pigs and I had no bacon?