Monday, February 07, 2011

I was there - really!!!

Since I did not have a photo of myself from Sew in the Snow, I grabbed this great one that Shellie had taken. I was busy buzzing along on making flying geese but looked up just as she was snapping the shot.


Barb said...

What a it!!

Anjeanette said...

I think that is a great picture of you! I am totally jealous of your Sew in the Snow! I would love to do something like that someday. I loved getting to read about your experience.

Ok, so I see you are sewing on a Janome. What model is it and do you love it? I really really want the new Horizion! I've been looking at it since it came out. I found a sale on a 6600 though and am not sure now. I've never had a Janome. I've only ever had this same Wal-Mart under $100 machine since before we got married. I dream of the Horizion and it makes me happy. Anyway, just wondering what you think of your Janome.