Monday, April 05, 2010


As obsessive as I can be about the turtles in my life, it is sometimes good to simply be reminded that I AM The Queen Bee!

A few little gifties sent my way recently are helping to bring back the Bee in Me... (not to mention the Munchkin learning ALL about bees from Sesame Street on Saturday morning and teaching me this morning on the way to daycare just what beeswax can be used for! Fascinating stuff!)

Last week, Barb sent me this "bee-u-tiful" mug and teabag holder last week - she said it was from an older "pay it forward" - my memory on exactly when is foggy - but I do plan to do another one myself soon, so stay tuned on that.

The mug is wonderful - holds just enough coffee to get me through my morning emails at work (yes -there's that many) and is a bright cheerful spot in my cube. The teabag holder has my name embroidered on it - just in case someone mistakes it for theirs - and she sent it nicely filled with a few assorted flavors! Now if this heat wave (80 in NY in April?!!!) will pass, I will again look forward to a nice cup in the afternoon on the bench outside the office.

Thanks, Barb!!!

The next batch of goodies was courtesy of Lazy Sister Sue - we are doing our third annual swap quilt project (see here and here for prior projects), adding Jill into the mix this time, and I was expecting the shipment of strips from Sue. I had also ordered some fabric from the quilt shop she works at, so I knew that would be in the package as well.

I was not expecting this awesome Bee Bag!!! It's a bit hard to tell in the photo, but it is a good size (the small card to the left of it is a business card) - and contained all the strips (25 5" x22")!!! It's "bee-u-tiful", too!!! (she sent some other goodies as well - thanks Sue!)

And the "r" is awesome - although the Munchkin asked why it was a lower case "r" since he is learning at school that "names ALWAYS start with an upper case letter, Mommy. Doesn't Aunt Sue know that?" YOU try explaining artistic license to a 5 year old!!!

So since Bee seemed to be the insect of the day, I decided to use the last remaining scrap of fabric I had that matches Terri's Spring Claire and make her a key fob, too. I know it is tiny, but can you see the bee on it?? :-) That's why I bought that fabric in the first place - I just had never found the right project for it - and now I have given the entire piece away - except for a few tiny squares that are finding their way into a scrap quilt.

Sorry, Terri... but there was nothing left of any of the fabrics to do any other accessories.

And now I am "bee"t and heading for bed!


Karen said...

Those "bee" some cute bee creations!

I'm glad to hear that Nathan is learning about capital letters. It is always my luck that I will teach about titles or names being capital, then my students find books/examples with all lowercase or all capitals, throwing any credibility I have out the window. Our world has too many exceptions to the rules!!!

Barb said...

what fun items again.....lucky you!!

Barb said...

It's funny I always planned on doing something for you with turles (i've gotten lots of turtle facrics) but when I saw that mug I immediately thought of you so I decided to do something to go with that. Glad you liked it.

Higgins Design Studio said...

Welcome to our family Jill!
Nothing 'bee'ts the 'bee'utiful fun things sent by your family & friends...

jillquilts said...

Woo hoo!! More welcomes!! I love it! :)

Love the mug and tea holder! And the 'r' bag is too cute! I'm going to have to get my pics of the strips up on my blog tonight! :)