Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to Bags

I've had a few bags cut out and waiting in zip-top bags for assembly for quite some time now. All from Lazy Girl Designs, these are by no means difficult bags to make - and I have made each of them at least once before...

...so you got me why I have been letting these wonderful fabrics languish ... all cut up with no place else to go.

I got back in the bag groove last weekend - and was determined to finish up at least 2 of these - possibly three - by the end of March. So I pulled out the first one - determined it needed free-motion-quilting, and my machine that does that was in the shop for a tune up. That one got set aside. Pulled out the 2nd one, and while starting it realized the tension on my old machine was off... and in cleaning it and adjusting it I totally mucked it all up and put it out of commission.

By Tuesday I had my good machine back in place, my old one was sent in for repairs, and I was back in business.

Then I got to step 2 - or perhaps 3 - of the bag and made a BIG mistake. HUGE. Nearly put the whole project in the scrap bin.

However, thanks to the Lazy Girl Yahoo group and some great input from the gals there, I was able to regroup, and over the weekend finished up one of the bags. This is Claire - in a fresh garden green - all dressed up and ready for spring.

So now in-between trimming blocks, assembling bigger blocks, doing some hand applique and working on some other things, I will be "bagging-it" - working on Claire's friends Miranda, Mini-Miranda and that great little gal the Runaround.

Will they all put in an appearance by month's end? I doubt it - but at least they are peeking out of their bags and on the worktable, and getting excited at the now real possibility of a Spring 2010 debut.


Barb said...

I love how well this bag came out and can't wait to see her pals in the near future.

Suzan said...

Cute bag!

Cindy said...

Very pretty bag and I love the colors.

Infinity Quilter said...

Very cute bag! That reminds me that I had bought stuff to make a Lazy Girl bag....wonder where everything went?!?!? I just might have to pull it out.

jillquilts said...


Love the bag!! It's very cute! I'm so glad that the girls from the group were able to come to your rescue!

Good luck with getting the rest done!