Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scotch Squares

The charity quilt is done - I need to get a picture of it with the binding (made from scraps leftover from the center blocks) - but here it is with the borders. I ended up with a sunny yellow on the back - hard to see in this picture but some of the fabrics have yellow bubbles in them, and I wanted to pull that in.

I put a narrow strip between the center and the borders -this picture does not really show it well, but it really popped the center. I also machine quilted this - all stitch in the ditch -but I am getting more comfortable with Zoe and her walking foot (which has never liked me) and was very pleased with how this turned out. I waited until after it was done to wash it - so it got that crinkly-ness to it, which I like.

I am actually having a tough time parting with this one -even though it is for a good cause.

Maybe I will get lucky and have the winning bid and get it back? Hmmmm -now there's a plan.

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Barb said...

This is soooo cute. Looks like a split nine patch? Love it!