Thursday, January 22, 2009

Uncle Rick would be proud

I remember (I think) the first year my brother got Lego for Christmas. It was a fire station - and he played with it for HOURS - letting me play with it to0, if I recall.

He and I had many many different sets of Lego over the years - with my tastes running to the castles and medieval sets - and his predominantly in the city sets.

But I still remember those fire trucks.

And now my Munchkin has a fire truck of his own, thanks to his oldest cousin. And excellent taste in toys...

Yesterday as I put his coat on, he told me he needed a zipper in the back.

When I asked him if he needed a zipper so I could put his batteries in, like a toy, he said...

"Mommy, toys don't have batteries"

Sniff sniff - made this Mommy proud!!!

(and just to be honest - some of his toys do - but not many)

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Lil Mouse said...

now thats hilarious!