Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mini Criss Cross Ornaments

Criss Cross coasters are so fun and easy to make - and I have been making so many of them lately - that I think it was a natural leap to consider using that same design for some little ornaments, so while working on my scrap bin management over the last few days, I trimmed up some 3" squares and gave it a try.

This was the result - the scottie dog coaster on the right is the normal size. I did not use batting in the middle of these - there seemed to be just enough bulk as is. The backs on some are muslin, and on some others are coordinating fabric, depending on the scraps I had on hand.

I plan to add some beads/buttons, tassels and hanging loops to these (will post a picture after embellishment is done) and use them either as part of my Christmas cards next year, or as package ties.

The rose colored one in the center is made from Chirimen - a funky ripply fabric with metallic accents that I got in Japan when I lived there. It's stretchy, so a bit harder to work with, but still gives a fun and festive effect.

I'd also like to do some round ones, but did not have a good circle template to mark this size.

These are a great stash buster, and if you have some cut and set aside for assembly they are good to fill a few minutes when you don't want to get into a bigger project.


SusanC said...

For a circle template look no further than your kitchen cabinets. A mug, a glass, a small plate......all make great circle templates!

These turned out cute!!


Pollyanna said...

Oh you are so clever. These will be so cute as ornaments. Oh, and I LOVE your new glasses! Very cute.

Barb said...

How cute are those! I can't wait to see them all blinged up!

Jen said...

Oh for the love of turtle!!!! (Giggle) I've been thinking of using this method to finish those pp ornaments of mine! It didn't dawn on me to even make the criss cross as the ornament. Try siper thin rick rack for a corner hanger!!