Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Fruits of Someone Else's Labors

My recent foray into the world of yo-yo making has me peering through my bins of scraps, looking for those odds and ends of fabric that are big enough for a jumbo yo-yo (about 5" squareish scraps will do) - but yet not fabrics that I have earmarked for other projects.

This has proven to be tougher than I thought - especially since I have my eye on some scrappy quilt projects this spring.

And then I remembered my stash of circles.

When Lazy Sister Sue finished the quilt she made Hubby and I as a wedding gift (1994), she gave me the leftover scraps. Rectangles, small squares, a few larger pieces.

And lots and lots and lots of circles. 5" ish circles. Perfect potential yo-yo circles. Circles that create a lot of waste if I trimmed them into squares for piecing.

Did I mention that there were a lot of these???

The rectangles and other scraps are pretty much gone - incorporated into a wedding quilt for my nephew (Lazy Sister Sue's son). This is all that is left - and I have been carrying them around in my stash for years.

So now I have been making them into yo-yo's.

They match my quilt - so maybe they will become a pillow.
Or maybe something else.
I am not sure yet - but it has been fun to play with the yo-yo maker and have all these ready cut circles just waiting.

Thanks for the prep work, sis!!!


Moneik said...

Great way to use up scraps!

jillquilts said...

Awesome use of scraps! Way to go!!

Lil Mouse said...


Please update your link if you have one to my new site. I got tired of doing two sites. I also need more hits to make sure I can continue blogging for spare bits of cash now and then, and I need the links for that, so.... if you please...

SusanC said...

Glad you were able to put those scraps to good use, I had forgotten that I had given them to you. Should we set aside a scrap or two for the Munchkin's wedding quilt?!?!


Jo-Ann said...

I love making the yoyos with the yoyo maker. I saw a wreath in a quilt shop and plan to make one for myself with my yoyos. DH and I were on vacation last summer in upstate NY and I went to a local Jo-Ann's and bought some small amounts of fabric and made yoyos galore.