Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inspiration Take II

As promised yesterday, this is what Lazy Sister Sue created for the Seven Dwarfs nursery - working with the same paint chip palette as I did. I will have to look for photos of the entire quilt -but I think you can get the idea of colors here.

And what's fun is that extra fabric from this quilt found its way into Summer Sunshine! And I actually think a piece from the baby quilt I did is in LSS's quilt, but I would have to look carefully to be sure. 50+ scraps in all -it got a bit confusing as to who had what.

LSS made the "quilt" underneath as well - probably one of her first, it was made with two sheets and some batting sewn together envelope style and turned, then topstitched on the edges and tied. She made 2 of these and they were bedspreads in Terri and Cindy's room - oh many many many many years ago (I was in early elementary school at the time).

Some of the ties are frayed, but they are soft and cool and totally machine washable and a staple item on our bed. They were great on the floor when the Munchkin was learning to crawl - or to give a cooler surface in the summer than the nylon carpeting.

Getting "custody" of these was lucky! I made one a few years after for my bed, and the sheets were not as nice, and the batting all pilled through - ugh. Just not the same.


Suzan said...

Cute quilt! Lots of stuff going on to stimulate a little one...

debbie said...

Hi Regina! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Your little guy is a cutie. :o) I like the quilt too.
I thought your picture looked familiar...I am also on the Lazy Girl list, I am mostly a lurker though. :o) i love the list and all the info you and your sisters have to share with us. :o)