Saturday, May 31, 2008

You catch more flies with honey...

...and you get more topsoil with patience and understanding.

Rather than getting too angry at our missed topsoil delivery, Hubby and I decided to call the guy and see if he could still get it to us before we went off on a tare and got it somewhere else.

Turns out there was a real family crisis he was attending to - and he was more than apologetic. Not only did he bring us the topsoil last night, but he charged me less AND brought me a whole extra yard of soil.

I paid him the full amount anyway.

Seeing my Munchkin's face as he watched the dump truck tip up it's back in the driveway and dump the topsoil was WELL worth it! We watched from an upstairs window so we were above the truck - other than the exhaust fumes trailing in our upstairs hallway, it was the best place to be!!!

It is now tarped and bricked and waiting for Hubby's return so we can break out the shovels and the tractor and the trailer.

Oh - and the 6 yards of mulch comes on Monday. At this rate we will be parking down the street - we are running out of driveway!!!


Amelia said...

I bet little munchkin was so excited about seeing that dump truck do it's job...and in his drive way made it that much more exciting.

Hard work ahead -but a beautiful yard you will have.


Higgins Design Studio said...

You can park in our driveway anytime you need to...
Miss you sis!

Connie said...

Oh if I had a penny for every time I heard my Mom say the "You catch more flies....." saying! It is one of those great truths in life, however corny it may sound.