Friday, May 30, 2008

The Remains of the Day

Last night I went on a total cutting jag - I am prepping for a craft show (in December!!! - with perhaps some stuff previewing in August) and was able to get out and purchase some yummy fabrics yesterday. The best part was that they were all clearance fabrics (and due to a cashier error I did not catch until just now - two of them were free!!!)

The Munchkin was cooperative -and before dinner I managed to get most of the fabric washed and dried, and commenced cutting, breaking only for dinner and bedtime stories, and finishing up around 10:45PM.

17 lunch tote covers got cut out - with pockets - and 7 linings. The rest of the scraps were cut for various pouches, and whatever was left went into 2 1/2" strips and 1" squares - all stash management ideas I picked up from Bonnie at Quiltville.

The little pile with the rotary cutter on top is ALL that was left - except for the small pile of big remnants not shown in this photo. That's all the garbage I had - and if I had more energy I probably could have squeezed another couple 1 inchers out of a few pieces - but I was done.

I am building up my "palette" for the watercolor quilts - and purchased a little case to keep them in - after tonight's efforts I think I either need to get a bigger case, or get a couple more for the different colors.

I am already visualizing how these little bits will work into some great watercolor panels. I am not sure if I am going to be designing the panel, and fitting the fabrics into it, or if knowing what I already have cut out will influence my designs. Time will tell on that one.

I have a few more fabrics still to be washed, and a couple more in my stash that may get used. I think I will see how the bags are received in August to decide how much more overhead I want to wrap up in this between now and December. Otherwise EVERYONE will be getting lunch totes for Christmas!!!


Moneik said...

You got a lot of cutting done. Good luck getting it all sewn up.

Trish said...

I like the divided case with the squares. Is that an embroidery floss case? And are those the one inch squares?

Regina said...

Yes - those are ALL 1" squares!!!

It was just a generic bin from ArtBin at JoAnn's -

It had dividers that are removable, and approx 1" square compartments. It is not as deep as an embroidery floss case.

I like the size as it fits inside one of my other totes, so I think I will get a few more and just have them for different "colorways"

Connie said...

OMG! I am in awe! that is some amazing organization for some teeny weeny little bits of fabric! Whatever you end up making with those is going to look so cool!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Gosh you have been busy with your cutting - looks like a real production line. love the use of the craft case for the 1 inch squares.