Friday, May 23, 2008

Getting to know Zoe

After the Munchkin turned in for the night, Zoe and I spent some time getting acquainted over a small project I already had cut out and ready to go. Last night I tested out her stitches, checked her tension, and made sure she was ready to run, so tonight I was able to jump right in to a project.

There is a bit of an awkward "get acquainted" stage - she has an automatic "needle up" position when sewing stops which will take a bit of adjustment when I want to pivot, and the presser foot lever and thread cutter are both in different locations, so I need to reprogram my "autopilot" on these things.

Other than that we are doing great - we assembled a lunch bag for me along the same lines as the one I made for The Munchkin the other day - but with an added pocket inside. Top stitching, sewing along curves, sewing multiple layers, cornering and pivoting, back stitching - all worked great and I now have a nice lunch bag for me that matches my Turtle Miranda. Leftover fabric is a WONDERFUL thing! (pictures to follow when it won't be me taking them at 11:05 PM - I tend to focus better when I've gotten some sleep)

My only gripe today is not with Zoe - but with JoAnn's, which has suddenly revamped it's whole "competitors coupons" policy and only accepts them for craft items. Heck - in my book their ENTIRE store is craft items, but nope - the plastic storage box I picked out, as well as the thread - both counted as notions and failed to be covered by the "extra" coupons I had. I can understand the cut fabric - since the other stores don't sell that - but geez... I am spending my money in THEIR store - and now they WANT me to go to the other stores for these items??? OK... this is the sound of those items being dropped back on the counter and my money walking out your door. So sorry - too bad.


Joan, Lazy Girl said...

Hi Regina,

Congrats on your new girl! You'll have years of fun with Zoe. I've heard wonderful things about the Sew Precise.

Happy Anniversary!


Moneik said...

I'm sure you'll be sewing up a storm! A new machine always takes a few weeks of adjustment, but you're going to love your Janome.

jillquilts said...

I'm glad that you are getting to know Zoe! As for Joann's, get the emailed coupons and you can print out as many as you want and use them whenever. Michelle generally sends them on when she gets them. I know what you mean about the stores getting picky, though!