Thursday, August 09, 2007

Turtle on the half shell, and other delicacies

I actually got some sewing done last night - even with the side show of fire-trucks at our neighbor's house (suspected gas leak). I finished a Summer Tote as a gift (will post a peek of that in a few days when I get the zipper pull done) and made some progress on the turtle.

So he's a VERY long legged turtle with a short neck - either that or he's just poking his nose out a bit...

As you can see -he is not quite done yet. It sure felt good to make some progress, though, especially after breaking and/or bending TWO needles on a project earlier in the evening. I almost kept on sewing right past bedtime, but that is when I start to make mistakes and I really don't feel like doing any more ripping on this project.

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