Saturday, August 04, 2007

Collector or Crafter?

Sometimes I wonder about my crafty nature - if it is that I truly enjoy the craft itself, or collecting all the things that go with it. Having a family in the craft shop business, and being a former employee of a large fabric store chain, it was often too easy to pick up tools and materials and gadgets for my crafts here and there. Teaching all sorts of different classes was also a good excuse for collecting - and keeping - lots of different supplies.

So now I have a "studio" full of stuff (notice I am NOT posting a photo of this!) Drawers full of rubber stamps, tubs full of fabric - not to mention the papers, stickers, beads, and all other sorts of fun stuff. More recently I am a collector of patterns - although when I will get to make some of these things, or what I would do with them once they are made, is beyond me. I also have sisters who are "enablers" - supplying me with more ideas, more patterns, more beads, more papers, and more fabric. To be honest, after seeing their "studios" - my sisters are as bad as I am!!!

For now I will enjoy my collection - and continue to putter away at my different crafts (when the weather in the "studio" is not 90+ degrees!) - although I do feel a collection purge coming on...

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matriarchal Sister said...

Enablers? I have three sisters who fit that description too. What a coincidence!