Saturday, March 17, 2012

Messy Room with Great Windows!!!

Before the Friday Night cleanup - but please note the NEW windows!!!!!! They open with one hand, and don't need prop sticks, plastic sheeting, or tetanus shots!!!

Completed 4Patches4Hope top is in the corner to the left of the windows, with additional strips assembled and underneath it on a drying rack.

And I LOVELOVELOVE the cubby units along the left wall - this was going to be shelving with a piece on top and curtain hiding the shelves, but I am so glad I went this route instead - so much easier to see my supplies and keep everything somewhat organized.

Completed green/yellow/white graduation quilt is in the foreground - I did get the binding on that last night.

This little bookcase is where the bat was hiding - he was underneath it and got in from the back, so of course Hubby had to take everything off to get at it.  he also pulled most everything out of the cabinet under the TV - to be sure he was not behind there.  (you can also see the one small section of paneling that never got painted.  The yellow paint is all gone, but I think when I get a chance that I will put a couple coats of primer on this section just to lighten it up.

And lastly a peek behind the work table - where everything got dumped during the bat battle.

I need to go back up and get more photos - but trust me when I say that it is clean(er) and much more organized!!!


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