Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friday Night plans take 2

It looks like my Friday night plans may NOT include sewing now.... we spent Thursday night tearing my studio (attic) apart to evict the bat that was flitting around up there when I went up to work on some projects.

The room is A MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So tomorrow night I will spend putting it back together - tonight was a wash as the bat did not get evicted until close to 10PM - and I was too wound up to focus on sewing straight lines - handling the iron was out of the question.

Oh the joys of home ownership...



Jennifer said...

What a pain! Hope that the room will be back in good shape soon!

Susan C said...

Hopefully the only bats in your studio from now on will be quilt batts! Not sure I could settle down to sew either after all that excitement.