Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday Night Straight-In

OK - so it does not work quite as nicely as "Friday Night Sew In" but after the battle of the bat, I had a lot of straightening to do.  As hubby put it - remember what the ballroom looked like after the Ghostbusters got done with it???  Yeah - it was nearly that bad.

But with some fresh air coming in the open windows (yeah - open - in NY - in March!!!!!!) I set to work setting things to rights... filling TWO garbage cans and a bag for donating on craigslist.  I found (and purged) some papers from 2008, unearthed some UFO's that had been OOM (Out OF Mind) - and nearly uncovered the entire cutting table.

And THEN - I even had some time to sew!!!  Of course it probably helped that the entire time I was looking at a clock that had never been "sprung forward" so I ended up working well past my normal bedtime.  I managed to make and apply a binding to the graduation quilt -and I hope to get it outside for some photos today.

and I know it is National Quilting Day - but the outdoors is calling LOUDLY - so after we return from the Munchkin's swimming lesson, I will be out doing some yard clean-up and taking advantage on this jump-start on the season.


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Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great night! Hope your day today is as lovely as ours has dawned here! Enjoy the outdoors and celebrate NQD on a colder, rainier day!