Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The return of Birth Month

Anyone who has been following this blog for at least a year may recall that in our house, February is "Birth Month".  This year will be heavily LEGO - as we are planning not one, but two LEGO themed birthday parties for the Munchkin - one with family and one with friends.  Nothing as ambitious as last year - but I am sure I will have some crafty ideas to share later this month.

Today was Day 1 - and we started off our FIFTH year of "Birth Month" celebration with a gifty for the Munchkin... LEGO of course.  He's taking more and more of a role each year in planning what gifts to GIVE - so that's fun.

We even have the extra little pocket for the 29th - our little bonus day to celebrate.  Now I have 28 more days to figure out what to do for that day!

Happy "Birth Month" one and all -I hope you will check in on us during the month to party along - even if your birthday is not in February you are welcome to party with us.


Barb said...

Happy Birthday MONTH!!!

Jean said...

Yay... it's birth month... So that means we get to eat cake every day?????